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Matcharo Tangerine Puer Tea 陈皮普洱茶 (10 tea bag/ 小包)【 Flower Tea花茶】
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What's in the box:

Tangerine Puer Tea 陈皮普尔茶 x1

>  Full tea leaves or full flower buds 
>  No sugar added 
> 10 tea bags 
> High quality fiber tea bag

【Tangerine Puer Tea 陈皮普尔茶】

Tangerine, Puer Tea

Net Weight
30g ( 3g x 10bags)

Storage method
Store in fridge (0 - 8'C) for longer product lifespan

Shelf life
18 months

Packed in 
10 individual tea bags to ease brewing, each tea bag weighs 3g 

Expiry Date : 05.09.2022

• Detoxifying
• Aid to Weight Loss
• Anti-aging
• Help to lower blood sugar 
• Resolve phlegm and cure cough

【How to use】 
Take out a bag of tea bags and put them in the cup. 
Pour 200 ~ 300ml of boiling water, 
Allow to drink after standing for 3 ~ 5 minutes. 
Each pack of Tangerine Pure Tea can be brewed 2-3 times.

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What's in the box

Tangerine Puer Tea 陈皮普尔茶 x1