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MATCHARO -Matcha Natsu 夏 / Ceremonial Grade Matcha Powder 宇治抹茶 - 30g
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What's in the box:

Matcha Powder / Natsu - 30g x1

【Matcharo Ceremonial Grade Matcha Powder 30g - MATCHA NATSU (夏)】
Suitable for Matcha Latte

100% Pure Ceremonial Grade Matcha Powder - Matcha NATSU (夏) (without sugar added)

Net Weight
30g (can make around 30 cups of Matcha Tea)

Expiry Date 30g: 31/5/2022

Organic Certified

Imported from Japan (Uji)

Taste profile

Umami (Creamy, nutty, brothyness): 68%

Bitterness: 35% Smoothness:

75% It is suitable to make matcha latte.

Enhanced weight loss
Boost immune system
High in Antioxidants
Improve relaxation and alertness
Reduced cholesterol

Keep Refrigerated under 5 °C after opening, avoid direct sunlight. Keep in freezer, shelf life can stay up to 2 years above

【Best Before】
Recommended to consume within 2 months after opening when Matcharo Uji Matcha powder is in the best condition.

【How many cup of Matcha Tea can make?
You can make approximately 30 cups of Matcha tea with MATCHARO UJI Matcha powder
1 cups Matcha tea is equivalent to 2 scoop (2g) of MATCHARO Bamboo Tea Spoon.

【Different between Matcha and Green Tea】
Matcha is the powdered form of green tea. When drinking Matcha, you are drinking the whole tea leaves ground to fine delicate powder. Whereas green tea is brewed by steeping tea leaves in water.
*nutrisous 1 cup of matcha = 30 cups of green tea

Warm/Ice Matcha Latte
- 4g / 4 tsp Matcha Powder
- 45g/45ml warm water (Avoid boiling water)
- 100g/ 100ml of fresh milk
- 10g~15g Sugar Syrup (10g sugar + 5g hot water)
- Cube Ice (optional)

Whisk the mixture of matcha powder and warm water with tea whisk and add Sugar Syrup
* Pour the mixture above into 100ml fresh hot milk.
* Pour the mixture above into 100ml fresh milk with ice.


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What's in the box

What's in the box:

Matcha Powder / Natsu - 30g x1